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Vojislav Seselj: Vladimir Putin saved Russia

vs 1a

Mr Seselj, first let me wish welcome after returning from Hague.


I will start from Your Hague “journey”. They let You from Hague. In Russia is established Committee for defense of dr Vojislav Šeselj. Also there is russian Committe for defense general Ratko Mladić. Does Serbia or Republic of Srpska helped You in that process in Hague, or You are alone with your friends and colleagues endured “weight on Your back”


They did not let me. They “throw” me from the Hague. They dismiss me because they sick and tired from me. That is true, that there is Committe for my defense, and it is true, that that Committe helped me a lot in propaganda way in purpose that my case be known in public. Especially in Russian public. I did not ask for any help from Republic of Srpska, and I did not got any help.  I did not ask for any help from Serbia also.


What is Your opinion and attitude, what is going to be with your case in Hague? You said that You are not going back in Hague voluntarily.


That is for sure that I am not going back voluntarily. Personally, I think that I won convincingly. At all, I am not thinking about that what is going to be. What ever they decide in Hague, that do not interest me.  If they demand, then we will see how will Aleksandar Vučić (prime minister-Seseljs godfather) and Tomislav Nikolić (president- Seseljs godfather) do that.



We will see what is going to happen.


Mr Šešelj, Russia and president Putin, and his way of leading politic.


Vladimir Putin reborn Russia. Russia were 70 and more years under communist dictatorship. Because of that Russia had a lot of damage in all ways. When comunism crashed, Jelcin came and start sidle to western forces and everything what he done, he done for damage of Russia, and russian people at all. Time of coming Vladimir Putin marked a big turn. He reborn Russia, put Russia on legs and Russia is strong and powerful like was before.


War in Donbass?


That war made western forces, because they had hard fight to stop Ukraine to get good relationship with Russia, to get more integrated with Russia in economic, political and military way.  West wanted to use Ukraine like tool to manipulate in fight against Russia and in attempt to stop russian interests. However, people of Ukraine did not let it, and on elections people choose prorussian option.


Then west organized putsch, using the worst neonazi from the west of Ukraine – followers of ukrainian quisling from Second world war, neonazi how were served to Hitler.


They made bloodshed, take of Janukovich from the chair and made their own dictatorship. Russian people of Ukraine could not tolerate that. Ukrainian authorities sternly repress every try of resistance like in Odessa. On the east of Ukraine situation were something different. Rebels were more successful and put them, to authorities in Kiev, on mind that with them “there is no joke” – that they are not going never let that Ukraine be tool for fighting against Russia, and that they are not going to let that Ukraine be part of NATO. They succeed to free from Kiev control two very important provinces, almost in wholly – Lugansk and Doneck region.


Mr Šešelj, how You see today political way of Serbia, regarding today politic leadership? What You would change regarding what is today?


Todays political leadership which personificate Tomislav Nikolić and Aleksandar Vučić, before, were representing prorussian politic, when they were in Serb radical party. Then, they sold themselves to the West, they “surrended” to them, and now they are caring antiserbian and antirussian politic. However they are trying to hide that. They act like they are friends of Russia and on another side they want to go in European union, and there is also hint that they want to go in NATO.


In former SR Jugoslavia, many west politician were convicted to long time prison penalty. Many of them visited Belgrade, like Madlin Olbright and Jacques Chirac. The last of them, before few days were Tony Blair. In time of aggression on SR Yugoslavia he said that, “War against Serbs is not just war. That is war between barbarity and civilization”. He is convicted in Serbia for 20 years of prison. Why he was not arrested? On another side we see chase of serbian people from the side of serbian Prosecutor’s office for war crimes, were is 90% of arrested are Serbs. Why judicial authorities in Serbia did not react? Is judicial sistem in Serbia ruinous?

Serbia already 15 years have no judicial sistem. It is finished by DOS (serbian opposition which came in 2000 after Slobodan Milošević), and it is fully crashed by SNS (Serbian Progressive Party of Tomislav Nikolić and Aleksandar Vučić). Judges are judging by wish of executive authorities. Vučić is ingratiating to all serbian enemies, and to Tonny Blair also and on that way he humiliate all Serbian people and Serbia.

Can you tell us from judicial side. That was judgment of District court in Belgrade?

Yes. There was judging in absentee to all war criminals from aggressor countries, and they are convicted to penalty of 20 years of prison. Then, came 5. october, mafias putsch and DOS regime abolish that judgment.

Is it going to be rejudge?

I think because war crimes are not limited by time, those process should be prosecute again.

In Belgrade was scientific conference with name “Projects after South stream”. Russian exhibitors said that Serbia was double-minded. In serbain authorities, one speaked one,  another, about South stream. Russian ambassador said that Serbia must define what it wants and than, that it should decide.

Serbian authorities are all time double-minded. That is true. On that confference were present three members of SRS (Serbian radial party): Nemanja Šarović, Bjelica Radeta and Zoran Krasić. I had not time till know to speak with them what was present on conferrence. I hope, today i will have all informations. At all events, it is true that politic of Serbian authorities were double-minded.

I will back on topic of “Hague”. Serbia is only state with Republic of Srpska which “deliver” to Hague all state and military leadership. How You explain that? On another side authorities in Serbia and Republic of Srpska are behaving, like all that people in Hague were in war for their on private reasons, not for country.

Traitorous regimes in Serbia and Republic of Srpska were deliver our citizens, the highest politicians, military leaders, military commanders, police officers to Hague tribunal. That started Zoran Djindjić, and after him it continue by all another traitorous authorities.

At the last, Mr Šešelj, if Serbian radical party, maybe in cooperation with some other parties again be in legislative and executive authority, what would be changed in relative of todays Serbia?

We hope that there are posibility circumstances that Serbian party can alone be in authorities. In that case we would realize all our nacional, politic, economic and social program. At all events, coalitions we can make only with prorussians parties which are against entering Serbia in Europian union, against of entering Serbia in NATO, which are for integration with Russia. Only with parties with that attiutude. With parties which are ready to enter in Customs Union of Russia, Belorussia, Kazahstan and another friendly countries, which are ready to enter in Eurasian Union and which are ready to make Serbia member of ODKB.

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Resolution of Serbian Radical Party about the dissolution of EU

srs stari grad
Executive board of Serbian Radical Party on meeting held on 27 November 2014. has passed


on necessity of dissolution of European Union

as condicio sine qua non of regaining back freedom of European nations

and preserving cultural heritage

Executive board of Serbian Radical Party considered decades of negative influence of EU, to sovereign states and old European nations on field of human rights and freedom, economy, politics, culture, and other spheres of life, and unanimously adopted a resolution on necessity of immediate dissolution of European Union.

Starting from declared goals and values of EU, as well as undisputed historical events and facts that essentially define effective policy of European institutions, Serbian Radical Party notes that:
– Policy of institutions of EU are contradictory to the declared goals and values of EU

– That from community of the free EU has outgrown into “dungeon of nations”

– That EU with USA has took a role of shameful promoter of neocolonialist policy and globalism

– That EU is good example of totalitarian regime based on ideological manipulations, terror and brutality that denies any personal privacy, thus also the civic society.

– That instead of being a tool for realization of basic freedoms and rights of man, and reaching better life standard, EU has become an instrument of enslavement, robbery and subjection of citizens.

– That the basic goal of formation, existence and expansion of EU is enslavement and looting most state members and their people, so the few leading members can keep their privileged position.

– That EU with USA took part in persecution of Serb people and occupation of Republika Srpska Krajina, bombing of Republika Srpska and is main force promoting occupation of Kosovo and Metochia that is a treat to territorial integrity of sovereign state of Serbia.

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Zmago Jelincic Plemeniti and Slovenian National Party supports Vojislav Seselj

zmago jelincek plemeniti

As a reaction to yesterday resolution of EU parliament about Seselj, Slovenian politician and president of Slovene national party Zmago Jelincic, has sent a message of support to president of Serbian Radical Party dr Vojislav Seselj:

“Members of Slovenian national party, and especially me, think that European parlament is a collection of idiots that serve the US interests. Good wishes to mr Seselj and everyone else in Serbian radical party”

Zmago Jelincic Plemeniti

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Alexandr Dugin congratulated Vojislav Seselj on victory against Hague Tribunal

dugin seselj One of the leading modern Russian philosophers and established ideologist of euroasianism, Dr Alexandr Dugin, in a name of “International Euroasian movement”, congratulated to dr Vojislav Seselj “heroic victory over the Hague Tribunal”, said Serbian radical party in their press release.

Dugin, in his official letter, wished Vojislav Seselj a fast recovery and new political victories, and that he will continue to give all support to Serbian Radical Party.

“The case of Hague Tribunal shows all hypocrisy and double standards of West and undefeatable spirit of Serb people, that you represent. During all these years we supported you in every possible way and we are convinced that, now that you can, take part in political struggle, Serbia will be cleansed of traitors ,and that together with economic recovery, will start the process of geopolitical reintegration” said Alexandr Dugin in letter.

“In will be our honor to continue to provide all support in Russia, to you and Serbian Radical Party, with our followers and also friends all over the World. We are ready to come to Serbia, to meet with you and talk about cooperation” said Dugin.


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Team for defense of Vojislav Seselj demands medical examination by Serbian medical doctors

Vojislav Seselj 11 god hag

Deputy of president of Serbian radical party Nemanja Sarovic said at the press conference:

“Committee for defense of insists that team of Serbian medical doctors should examine dr Vojislav Seselj, and determine his health condition and suggest measures for his treatment. Seselj can be examined objectively only by doctors on his own choice that he trusts. Team of doctors is fully made and will be lead by profesor Milovan Bojic”.

“Yesterday Vojislav Seselj was taken to civil hospital in Hague where he had PET scanning, but the result of exam where not delivered to him. Serbian doctors will not travel to Hague until Seselj gets complete report from from PET scanning that we insist its emergence delivery. We expect for team of doctors to have a press conference before and after departure from Hague, and  their written report should be available to the public after its made”.

“Vojislav Seselj yesterday complained to high temperature that he had for months, and that exhausts him. Bad health condition of our party president is a consequence of twelve years in prison and denial of adequate and timely medical car in Hague tribunal.

We are aware that we cant allow for ourselves to loose even one day for treatment of Vojislav Seselj, and that’s why we will in following period hold a lot of protests in Serbia and in the country with demand to release Vojislav Seselj for medical care. First protest will be held in Saturday 25 october in 12 oclock in front of Office of Hague Tribunal in Belgrade, in Jevrem Grijic street 11. If there is no reaction of Hague Tribunal and if our demands will not be accepted we will block the office of Hague tribunal in Belgrade”

As Sarovic said Serbian radical party will 8 november 2014 at 12 oclock held a protest in Hague in front of International court of justice for ex-Yugoslavia”.

Journalist got information also that Nemanja Sarovic as deputy of president of Serbian radical party today sent a letter to his Holiness Patriarch of Serb Orthodox church Irinej with appeal for his bleesing that in all eparchies of Serbian orthodox church hold a prayer for health and freedom of dr Vojislav Seselj.

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Nemanja Sarovic, Vice president of Serbian Radical Party spoke to reporters, and told that two liver metastasis were found to the Vojislav Seselj, PhD, President of Serbian Radical Paty, and that PET-scan examination is scheduled for the next week. After that, decision on possible surgery will be made.

“Vojislav Seselj felt new symptoms since last surgery (December 2013). Over the past few months he constantly had a fever – 37 to 38 degrees, that is why the constantly looking for medical checkups, but the answer was that these values “are normal in The Netherlands”. About a month ago, ultrasound examination in prison Hospital showed liver alterations – characterized as not difficult by doctor. After several times repeated request, medical report was submitted to Seselj, with patched blank paper over diagnosis. All this means that the Hague tribunal deliberately and systematically is hiding the truth about his health, from Mr. Seselj!” Sarovic noted.


“Seselj went in Hague, twelve years ago, as a healthy man, but – due to inadequate and delayed medical care and persistent violation of his procedural and fundamental rights of his life on several occasions – was seriously endangered. It is completely obvious that there is new liquidation attempt of Dr. Seselj in Hague. Hague tribunal for twelve years failed to obtain evidence, nor to reach a verdict against Vojislav Seselj. Now, they are trying to get out of the the desperate situation – killing him in the Detention unit. All reasonable deadlines for the adjudication are long gone and there are not any argument that could have justified continued detention Seselj’s detention. Serbian Radical Party demands an unconditional and immediate release of Dr. Vojislav Seselj to freedom “, Sarovic said.

“All those who are silent and blind eye to Seselj’s 12 years torture are accomplices in his murder attempt. First of all, I will stress Serbian Government and the state bodies with the constitutional and legal obligation to protect every citizen of Serbia. During the past 12 years, none of the Serbian Governments did anything to protect Seselj, or to facilitate its position in The Hague, but they often did just the opposite! It is shameful that some individuals in the government are trying to collect cheap political points on Seselj’s victim, with statements that things happening to him are an injustice but did nothing to stop this injustice!”

“Serbian Radical Party will, in the next few days, contact UN Security Council, the embassies of friendly countries and international organizations involved in with human rights. Also, it is planned to organize support events for Vojislav Seselj across and outside Serbia with one topic: Seselj’s deliverance!” Sarovic noted.

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Nemanja Sarovic: Serbian government trying to stop return of Seselj to Serbia

Seseljs return to Serbia is quite certain because the judge Antoanetti would not have initiate that procedure if he didn’t had the intention of releasing him. The problem is that his release is now under question because of lobbying of government in Serbia, claims the vice president of Serbian Radical Party Nemanja Sarovic.
– Judge Antoanetti has surprised Serbian government by opening the process for release of Seselj. The idea of Seselj returning made officials of Serbian government create a campaign against his release. They are using now two direction  of campaign. First they are leading a diplomatic offensive by asking their foreign mentors to use their influence that they have on Hague tribunal so they could stop the return of Seselj. Our government is literally begging to stop his return, and the foreign diplomats are asking for more obedience in return. Their main argument is that return of Seselj would cause chaos and stop the implementation of Brussels agreement- Sarovic is explaining.
Fear from return of Seselj is biggest amoung his ex-associates that sworn allegiance to him, and then backstabbed him when he went to Hague tribunal, by doing everything to destroy his party – Sarovic said.